SketchCrawling in KL

31 Mar

I just stumbled upon an interesting event that will be taking place in Kuala Lumpur really soon (11th April) by the name of SketchCrawl!

SketchCrawl is the brainchild of Enrico Casarosa, who started off by spending a whole day drawing the sights all around the city of Los Angeles. Eventually, he shared this concept with a group of artist friends who thought that it was a great idea, and thus SketchCrawl was born. In essence, SketchCrawl is a day for artists from the same city to gather and draw whatever they see around them as they travel from one point to another. Now, SketchCrawl is expanding its boundaries in the hopes of making SketchCrawl a worldwide event.


A sketch done by Enrico Casarosa during his first SketchCrawl


This year, the 22nd World Wide SketchCrawl will be hosted for the first time ever in Malaysia, headed by Sandra Khoo. People familiar with the local animation scene will know Sandra as the Production Designer for the upcoming Saladin 3D animated series. Those who are interested to join in the fun, here’s the basic information:

Date: 11th April 2009
Time: 11am sharp (to meet up at Aquaria’s entrance)
Place: Aquaria KLCC, various other locations throughout the day
Duration: From 11am to 7pm
Extra: Please bring some cash to spend as the artists will be heading into Aquaria first and will probably be traveling around the city. Aquaria’s entrance fee, traveling costs, and food will be on your own expenses. All artists are welcome, amateur to veteran.

More details can be found at Sandra’s DeviantArt journal entry.

From what I have gathered from the official SketchCrawling site, most artists travel light; they go equipped with only a sketchbook and mechanical pencils, though some like to add a bit of colour to their works using watercolour sets. The recommended set of tools can be found here. Though this isn’t included in the recommended set of tools, most people usually bring along a foldable chair just in case the places where they choose to draw do not provide a suitable place to sit. (I’m also wondering why erasers aren’t included, but I’m guessing that the whole idea is to draw as fast and accurate as you can without having to erase.)


A group photo of the people who took part in the 21st SketchCrawl held in San Francisco, California (Photograph by Jim Mitchell)


So, what’re you waiting for? Grab your stuff and mark your calendars! I would go if I could but the date falls one day before my finals so it’s a no-go for me. *sobs* I’ll definitely make it for the next one though! If you love to draw, this is definitely a good platform to meet new people who share the same interests as you do, and maybe pick up a few drawing tips in the process. In the words of SketchCrawl’s founder, Enrico Casarosa:

“…it proved to be amazingly interesting and inspiring to share and compare other people’s drawings and thoughts. Different takes on our surroundings, different details, different sensibilities.”

Oh, and don’t forget to share your results (sketches, photos, and whatnots) with other SketchCrawlers around the world in their forum after you’re done!

P/S: Yes, I am well aware that SketchCrawling is more orientated towards life drawing, but nobody said that you can’t sketch in panels. Plus, even comic artists can never get enough practice, right? 😉

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