Drawing Day 2009

31 May

Drawing Day 2009

Drawing Day was an initiative that only started last year on the internet. The goal? To get enough artists to produce 1 million drawings in a single day from all around the world. Although the 2008 Drawing Day didn’t manage to reach its target (they only managed to get about 5865 entries), the organizers are hopeful that this year’s Drawing Day will yield better results. Now, it’s up to you to help them meet that target!

This year’s Drawing Day will be taking place on 6th June, which is next Saturday. I’m already in the midst of making plans to hang out with some friends on that day and just draw, draw, draw. Participation in this worldwide online event is simple: all you have to do is: 1)draw 2)upload your artwork online at any of the art communities (DeviantArt, RedBubble, etc) that you have an account on and tag your artwork with ‘drawing day 2009’. You can get a better idea on how to go about it at the official Drawing Day participation page. You can even participate in the art competitions organized by some websites in honour of Drawing Day through that page too!

If you’re like me and totally missed out on the previous SketchCrawl, what better excuse is there to take some time off your daily routine and just sit down and draw?

One Response to “Drawing Day 2009”

  1. Sapphire May 31, 2009 at 5:21 pm #

    Ready when you are. XD

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