Artist Spotlight: i-Ming

25 Aug

    Co-Founder of 30-Day-Artist

i-Ming is one of the few indie local comic artists I’ve seen actively promoting his work at most of the art events in Kuala Lumpur. I met him for the first time last year at Art for Grabs @ The Annexe, Central Market, manning his 30 Day Artist booth and subsequently at Urbanscapes 2009. He has put out two of his works so far in book form: Still Life: An Autographical Novella/Comic and Fantasy Story. I conducted an e-mail interview with him last year (Yes, I know, long over due! Again!) but I finally managed to find the time to piece it all together, so here you go. It’s a rather short interview though, as you’d expect from an active Twitter user!

“I’ve always been fascinated with interactive books, like game books, and ever since I started using the internet I’ve wanted to create stuff with the help of the online community.”

Where do you usually post up your art online?

You can find my stuff at my blogspot (I had 500 posts there once but recently deleted them all) and the (now defunct) Fantasy Story webcomic page (The Fantasy Story Twitter Page still exists though so you can follow that to know if it starts up again).

What!? You deleted all those posts? Does that mean that the stuff inside Still Life isn’t on the site anymore?

Yeah, it’s no longer there long with other treasures. I didn’t want some of the stuff I said when I was younger to come back and haunt me =)

I’ve read and enjoyed your ‘real life’ stories that made it into your ‘Still Life’ compilation. What made you stop drawing those and subsequently remove those comics from your blog?

Nothing ‘made me stop’; I think at some point, continuing got harder and harder and I eventually stopped. I removed 500 posts dated between 2005 to 2008 from my blog because I feel that I’ve matured and don’t want my past catching up with me on the internet.

About Fantasy Story: How did the idea for an interactive comic where the readers determine what happens next pop up?

I’ve always been fascinated with interactive books, like game books, and ever since I started using the internet I’ve wanted to create stuff with the help of the online community. The tools available today made that a reality.

How has response to Fantasy Story been like?

I have enjoyed favorable responses to Fantasy Story. The only complaint I get is that I don’t post often enough!

Has drawing comics impacted your life in any way or changed the way you look at everyday happenings?
Drawing comics is a big sacrifice in time and energy for me. It takes up to 5 hours to produce a strip, that’s 5 hours not spent with family, or friends, or working. If I don’t post a comic strip, it was probably because that I was not willing to sacrifice the 5 hours.

Any new future projects that you can share with us?
I do have a project in mind, but you’ll have to wait =)

If you’re interested to find out more about Ming (a.k.a I-Ming) you can stalk him on his Twitter page or just actively seek him out at local art festivals and events. I last saw him at Urbanscapes 2010 right next to the KLue booth so do drop by and support this Moleskine aficionado’s works.

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