Galeri Chandan’s Sequential Narratives

20 Feb

After a long while of silence (e.g.: new job in a new country), I finally mustered up the drive to start posting again. A good thing too since this piece of news is pretty exciting to me!

Photo taken from Sireh’s Facebook photo album

Galeri Chandan, located at 15 Jalan Gelenggang, Damansara Heights, will be home to a comic art exhibition aptly named ‘Sequential Narratives’ that will take place between 19th February to 18th March 2011. I got wind of this exhibition through Facebook, and my curiosity was piqued by the teaser photos posted. All I can say is this: Even though it’s about comics, don’t expect all the exhibits to be 2-dimensional! What’s more, a few of my favourite local artists (Sarah Joan Mokhtar, Zid) are taking part so it’s all good. Though I’m currently not in Malaysia, I am thinking of making a trip home just for this. Hey, it’s not like we get that many gallery exhibitions dedicated to the comic artform in Malaysia, right?

You can access the Sequential Narratives exhibition website here for the full list of participating artists as well as photos and videos of the exhibition.

P/S: Galeri Chandan is on the ground floor of a double-storey bungalow unit, so do not be alarmed when you end up at a residential area!

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