Comic Fiesta 2011 Loot Review Part 1: Artbooks

27 Dec

On the 17th and 18th of December 2011, I made a trip back to Malaysia just for the most epic annual comic festival that I’ve been faithfully attending for the past 9 years: Comic Fiesta. It was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center Exhibition Halls 4 and 5, the largest event space it has ever taken up in its 10-year run. Despite some glitches with crowd control on Day 1 which I will not go into, I found myself enjoying this year’s event the most out of all my previous experiences, which I must credit the event organizers and the legendary booth owner tag (which basically allows its bearer easy access into and out of the event halls).

In any case, the purpose of this post is not to review the event itself (even though I would love to), but the marvellous swag that I managed to procure. Year after year of attending Comic Fiesta I realized that many people do not take the time to type up their thoughts on the stuff they’ve bought, which I am partly guilty of myself, so I decided that I would do it all to completion this year, so matter how tedious the task might seem.

In this first part, I will be reviewing the 3 artbooks I purchased: CHAM (the official Comic Fiesta Art Collection), A Splash of Imagination: The Art of Silver Fox, and Hawk.


From Left to Right: CHAM, A Splash of Imagination, Hawk

Let’s start with CHAM: The Comic Fiesta Official Art Collection. At RM 45 a pop, I’d say it’s the most worthwhile artbook to purchase at the event, especially for the price/quality/thickness ratio.


The Front Cover of CHAM

If you’ve been a loyal follower of Comic Fiesta’s online activities then you’d be glad to know that the book contains selected artwork from the 100 Days Countdown, a tradition started 4 years ago to stir up excitement for the event, as well as other Comic Fiesta-related promotional artworks throughout the years.

This artbook definitely has a professional feel about it, and I’m glad that most of the artworks that I like have been included, namely those by JL89 (who incidentally did the cover of this artbook), Cuson, and Nerv. Although there are some amateur artworks thrown into the mix, all the illustrations that made it into the book maintained a certain visual quality which served to enhance my enjoyment, so I must say kudos to the editorial team for making this book a keeper!


CHAM Preview: Nerv (Left) and Cuson (Right)


If you’re interested to purchase this artbook, it’s going at a retail price of RM59.90, though locations and shops that will be stocking it are yet to be known. You can visit the official CHAM thread on the Comic Fiesta forums for more info and previews.


The Front Cover of A Splash of Imagination: The Art of SilverFox

Next up is A Splash of Imagination: The Art of Silver Fox. It’s been a while since I’ve seen some good anthromorphic art gracing the artist alleys of Comic Fiesta since the days of Mars & Uranus’s AlphaLeo, and Silver Fox/Wee Yee Chong’s stuff definitely fits the bill. This first solo self-published artbook of his costs RM25 a pop and contains gorgeous (yes, you read right, gorgeous) full page artworks that extend all the way to the sides of each page and some short comics. The colour palette for most of his works are somehow muted yet vibrant, full of little details that made my eyes linger much longer than expected. I also really enjoyed looking at his energetic anthromorphic character sheets!


Preview Pages from A Splash of Imagination

As an added bonus, Silver Fox/Wee Yee Chong included a short 4-page tutorial on how he produced one of his illustrations in the book, from a pencil sketch up till the finished product in Photoshop. I found this to be rather insightful, especially for a Photoshop dunce like myself as he shared many of his personal tips and tricks on adding details and such.

The back cover promises a second volume of A Splash of Imagination for Comic Fiesta 2012, so I am definitely stoked for it if the world hasn’t ended by then! If you are interested in getting this book, perhaps you can try dropping SilverFox/Wee Yee Chong an email at for further enquiries or visit his portfolio website or Deviantart.


The Front Cover of Hawk (source)

Lastly, we arrive at Hawk, a compilation of 2011 Artworks by the group FABULOUS MAX which consist of Hwei, Amei, Wrat, and the notorious kiDChan. Here we have the most pricey artbook out of the lot (RM60) but the quality of the artworks you get in here definitely makes it worth it. I will proudly exclaim that I am head over heels for Hwei’s art, so an artbook containing a collection of most of her recent work will definitely fall into my ‘to-buy’ list.


Preview Art from Hawk, Left to Right: Hwei, Amei, Wrat, kiDChan (source)

Disregarding my personal bias, it goes without saying that Amei, Wrat and kiDChan’s artworks manage to hold their own as well. May my attraction to this book despite my disinterest in the Sengoku Basara fandom be a testament to the fine work these ladies do (more on this when I get to another doujinshi in this Comic Fiesta 2011 review bunch). Since their artworks really speak for themselves, I won’t say much except if you like what you see then buy it, you will not regret your decision!

Phew, now that was tough. Getting back into the review groove was harder than I thought! I guess I’ll just have to power through it. If you’ve read until the end, thank you, and see you in Part 2!


3 Responses to “Comic Fiesta 2011 Loot Review Part 1: Artbooks”

  1. Yee Chong December 27, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    Thank you so much for the review! I’m glad you like it 🙂

    • Max January 5, 2012 at 9:38 am #

      You’re welcome, thanks for reading it! Also, sorry for the late reply!


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