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Review: Blogger Boy

21 Jul

How many of you watched Blogger Boy before? Judging by the amount of fanfare generated since Blogger Boy hit Malaysian television screens back in 2008, I doubt many Malaysians know about the existence of this underrated series. Produced by Red Communications for 8TV, the story is focused around Budi (played by Qushairi Razali a.k.a Qi), a middle-aged tuition teacher who’s down on his luck. Imagine getting dumped by the woman you’re about to propose to right after dinner, only a few minutes into the first season’s pilot episode!


Budi and Kid, chilling as they always do in their living room (Love the wall!)

All is not dreary in Budi’s life though; he takes solace in drawing comics depicting scenes plucked out from his own weary life, and uploads them onto his blog (Autobio Comic Artists, I’m sure you can relate!). His flatmate, Kid (played by Nas ‘T’ Muammar Zar of KAMI fame), is a heck of a joker and a playboy to boot, the exact opposite of Budi…which is also the reason why they help to keep each other in check.

Most of the time though it’s Budi who gets dragged along in one of Kid’s less-than-brilliant ideas which more often than not end in disaster. Then there’s Nina (played by the oh-so-sexy Julie Woon), Budi’s childhood sweetheart who comes into the picture when their paths cross again, thanks to his now ex-girlfriend-and-datuk’s-wife-to-be who commissioned her as her wedding photographer.

This review’s pretty long, so more behind this cut!

Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn Movie Trailer

11 Jul

Because this warrants an entry of its own!

I saw the movie poster a few months back, and finally discovered that the trailer has been released! I’m not sure how you all feel about this but I’m still looking forward to this adaptation even though the CG effects don’t sit well with me! Here’s a link to the movie’s Wikipedia page for those of you who want to read more.

Info Bites!

11 Jul

Heya, it’s been pretty busy (as usual) since my last update here (another long hiatus! *sigh*)! I’ve compiled a few bite-sized chunks of information here into a single post, which I suspect will become a norm in the future (I’ve even created a new category for it in anticipation, haha!).

Without further ado, ta-daaaa~!

What I’ve Been Up To

Having been in Singapore for almost a year now, it’s funny how I only managed to meet up with Zid a few weeks before he left Singapore to return semi-permanently to Malaysia. I thoroughly enjoyed his company in those last few weeks, and the best thing was that he pointed me to a pretty nifty activity held by the Organization of Illustrators Council Singapore (OIC): their monthly Portrait Day held at the Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD) in the RedDot Design Museum.

OIC Singapore’s July 2011 MAAD Portrait Day Poster

For a 10SGD fee, the OIC will provide you a seat in the portrait drawing area, where interested ‘posers’ will sit in the designated chairs for 20 minutes while the artists get busy drawing their portraits. Apart from being good life drawing practise (no matter what art background you come from), you may be able to earn back the participation fee you’ve paid (or more!) as you are strongly encouraged to hang your completed artwork in a browsing area where the ‘posers’ can choose to buy them for 10SGD a piece. Interesting concept, no?

Here’s the Event Photos of the July 2011 OIC Session at MAAD I attended. I’m glad to say I managed to sell a piece of my art, much to my own amusement, as that was the only piece I chose to draw straight from my imagination instead. It’s this piece if you’re interested to know (please don’t laugh!).

It seems that the July session I attended will be the last of its kind being held on Saturday afternoons at the RedDot Design Museum; from now on the OIC intends to have the RedDot sessions on Friday nights, and are trying to find a new location for the Saturday afternoon sessions. Looks like the OIC Portrait Day will be bi-monthly from now on, so keep checking the OIC WordPress Blog for updates on when and where the next sessions will be held!


What I’ve Heard

I stumbled onto this piece of information as I was browsing my tumblr page. Many thanks to Eisu for bringing Womanthology to my attention!

The Preview Cover of Womanthology. Looks darn pretty to me!

A little background information on Womanthology: Womanthology is ‘a large scale anthology comic showcasing the works of women in comics’, to be created entirely by 140 women of all experience levels. As you can see from their Kickstarter page I’ve linked above, they’ve already reached their targeted amount, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still contribute since: 1. The more money they get = the more copies they can print and 2. Malaysian artists Aimo and Hanie are part of the project! From the lineup of artists taking part in this, I’ve got a good feeling that the result’s gonna be pretty awesome!


Upcoming Events

Dongeng (Fairy Tales) Publicity Poster

Dongeng (Fairy Tales) – A Solo Exhibition by kiDChan
Come mid-July, a solo exhibition by the prolific kiDChan will be held at Saito College in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, entitled: ‘Dongeng (Fairy Tales)’. You can visit their Facebook Event Page for more information if you’re interested to go there and have a gander at this wonderful artist’s works (free entry). There are slots where kiDChan herself will be there to do CG demos and such, so do keep an eye out for that. KiDChan does more illustration work than comics, but she still dabbles in comic work now and then. Definitely a trip worth making if you’re in need of artistic inspiration!

STGCC 2011

Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention 2011 (STGCC 2011)
If you have extra moolah to spare or are super kiasu about being at the major comic events in South East Asia, then make your way across the Causeway to attend STGCC 2011, taking place at Suntec City’s Convention Hall in Singapore on 20th till 21st August. As usual, there’ll be loads of things going on at the event, such as the sale of event exclusive figurines, Guests of Honour appearances (CB Cebulski!), and the artists alley, just to name a few. All the information you may need (online ticket purchasing, event location, event schedule) can be found on the STGCC 2011 Homepage, though I must say that it’s a visual assault when you’re navigating the site.

That’s all for now, stay well, stay safe, and stay CLEAN! Till next time! 😉

Vending Books To The Masses

20 Mar

The Malaysian Publishing House, or MPH in short, recently unveiled that they will be introducing a new way to market their books – via vending machines. These vending machines will be placed in places frequently accessed by the public, such as banks, universities, and LRT (Light Rail Transit) stations. Apart from making the book-buying process much more convenient, the main draw of this effort is that the books sold by these vending machines will carry a 20% or more discount compared to the prices sold at MPH flagship stores.

A preview of what’s to come

Call this wishful thinking but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll be selling some graphic novels in these vending machines (although it was highlighted that the books carried by the vending machines will probably be from the bestsellers lists). If they choose to sell some of Lat’s comics using this method, it could be a foot in the door for other local comic artists to explore this new venture in the distribution of their work. Think of the possibilities! With so much competition from digital distribution (e.g.: Kindle, e-reading apps), I must say that this vending machine idea is a stroke of genius on MPH’s part to keep traditional book distribution alive!

You can find the original article in The Star here.

P/S: My thanks goes out to Hafiz of IACAScW for updating that group often with the latest book/comic/animation news in Malaysia. You rock!

Malaysian Comics Wiki Page

8 Mar

Things seem to be moving pretty fast recently and I thought that it’d be better if I made short posts instead of waiting for more substantial things to happen before updating with a new post.

As it turns out, Sarah beat me to the punch and kickstarted a Malaysian Comics Wiki Page, which is definitely a step up from the initial idea of a consolidated list of Malaysian comic artists that we discussed during our little chat a while back.

If you have something to contribute, no matter how small, feel free to add your stuff into the (Wiki) pile! The whole reason I started this blog was to keep track of the Malaysian comics scene and with this Wiki, I know that this isn’t a one-man effort anymore, and that’s a very heartening thought. =)

Reading Comics on New Media

20 Aug

First off, apologies again for not posting more often. I really should, given the number of saved drafts I have for this account but time and time again life comes along and bites me in the ass. I’ll be stepping into the working world soon and I’m trying hard not to think about how I’ll keep my life in check in the future at the moment. Anyway, on to the content!

Ever since I attended the first session of BubbleFlip I’ve been pondering about the e-book/new media wave and how it’s going to affect the comic production process. From what I’ve heard and read so far, people seem to be more concerned on how these new gadgets will affect readers’ consumption of things they’re used to as opposed to how creators will have to adapt to this new technology. This question seems to be more pertinent when it comes to comic creators because bodies of text alone are usually presented with less versatility (digitally ‘flipping’ a page or scrolling) as compared to a combination of both text and images.


    Comics on the iPad. Sweet?

Read more under this cut.

Political Comics

28 Jun

I’ve always thought that the Malaysian comics scene could do with a little more variety, which was why I am more than happy to see ROTTW (a music-themed comic magazine, if I’m not wrong) and Isu dalam Komik (literal English translation: Issues in Comics) hitting local bookstores and newsstands. While these comics are not my cup of tea, I’m sure there are some readers out there who must feel that these magazines are the best thing since sliced bread, and they would be right too.

Which was why I was rather puzzled when I discovered more and more of Zunar’s comics are getting banned. FYI, Zunar’s a cartoonist who draws political comics strips on a regular basis for the independent online news portal Malaysiakini, called Cartoonkini.

One of Zunar’s comics, taken from

This made me wonder why is it that Reggie Lee’s mostly political-themed comics which appear in The Star don’t get as much flak as Zunar’s stuff? Is it because Zunar’s portrayals of issues are more head on and have somehow struck some bigwig’s nerves? (I’m not really sure as I’ve not read much of Zunar’s stuff apart from flipping through it at Newsplus and passing occasional glances at it while perusing the MalaysiaKini website). Here are some links to the news coverage this issue has gotten.

Whatever the case is, Zunar released an online statement stating that he will continue drawing, which is the right thing to do in my opinion. After all, everything does seem rather mundane when we don’t learn how to laugh at ourselves once in a while.

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